Tuesday, 1 March 2011

There goes the neighbourhood

Heol y Bont roundabout (Llanbadarn Fawr) being dug up

The large green space within the red triangle has been dug up by Ceredigion County Council so they can build more roads

The roundabout in the map and image above is a mess now that Ceredigion County Council have dug up a huge tract of green land so that they can extend the roads there. Yet more green areas gone, just to make it easier for drivers, thereby encouraging more cars. That is the short-sighted future that Ceredigion County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government envision. They are irresponsibly encouraging car use and destroying greenfield sites just to shave a few seconds off the journeys of impatient drivers, rather than encouraging responsible travel. Ceredigion County Council and WAG are so far from being green that they could hardly be doing a worse job. Again and again we see them giving planning permission for developments on greenfield sites. For a year now CIN has been campaigning to get Tree Preservation Orders on some of the trees in Aberystwyth. However after dragging their heels for all this time Ceredigion County Council has now refused on the basis that they may want to mark those areas for development in their Local Development Plan (LDP). In the current LDP huge areas of Ceredigion are being marked for development by Ceredigion County Council despite objections, and they refuse to offer protection to the very green spaces that need it in case it causes problems for their 'development' plans, or the building developers they work with.

[History lesson: the LDP is a plan which has been in development for over ten years, starting off as a Unitary Development Plan (UDP). It has been in development for so long that areas which weren't even earmarked for 'development' in the original plan have now been built on.]

The Welsh Assembly Government and Ceredigion County Council certainly aren't responsible organisations. In the referendum on Thursday anyone caring about the environment should vote 'No' to giving any more power to those irresponsible people who are mis-governing Wales. Otherwise their increased powers are likely to see the best things about Wales destroyed forever.

The horrible first site of Aberystwyth thanks to Welsh Assembly Government and Ceredigion County Council

An ex-greenfield site - plenty more expected in the near future if you somehow missed this one


Anonymous said...

"In the referendum on Thursday anyone caring about the environment should vote 'No' to giving any more power to those irresponsible people who are mis-governing Wales."

So there are no road widening schemes in England and those governing at Westminster are fine, are they? The Welsh Assembly is recognised by most green commentators (Porritt, Monbiot, FoE etc) as being much the greenest of the three devolved administrations and considerably greener than the Westminster government. Perfect? of course not. But anyone genuinely caring about green issues would be absolutely mad to vote to keep control of the environment at Westminster.

One example - look at how long it's taken for the Assembly to get its Environmental Protection and Waste Management LCO agreed by Westminster. A Yes vote will stop delays like that and enable the Assembly to pursue the green side of its policies which, despite some road schemes, do very much exist.

Anonymous said...

Since I sent the last comment, this has been published in support of Yes vote by Friends of the Earth Cymru:

CIN said...

Thanks for the comments, and I can see your point. Is Westminster better? No. But in many ways Wales is failing and is no better either: failure to get more power could be a short sharp shock forcing WAG to rethink its policies. The fact that the YES campaigners were willing to waste £70,000 of public money to push their message (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-12216353) is not something that is in their favour at a time when many people are losing their jobs.

Still, we are apparently after the same goals, so whatever the result tomorrow, best of wishes for the future.