Thursday, 18 November 2010

Badgers update

Don't forget to respond to the badger consultations (the WAG Public Consultation on badger culling in West Wales and the Defra Consultation on culling in England).

Aberystwyth Against the Cull organised a stall in Aberystwyth town centre recently and achieved 114 completed responses in just a few hours! Their newsletter said:

"The reaction from the general public was overwhelmingly supportive and it is quite clear that most people are against the cull. It's also clear that most people are well informed about the issues and are able to see the increasingly unsubstantiated and irrational nature of the arguments in favour of a cull."
They are organising another session in the town centre this Saturday (20th Nov) from 11am-2pm outside Siop y Pethe, and also another one up at the University on Thursday week (25th November).

Anyone who can join them and lend a hand will be very welcome. The more helpers they have, the more responses they can help people to make. Even half an hour can make a big difference and can also allow someone else to take a quick break. Contact Aberystwyth Against the Cull for more details or simply turn up on the day.

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