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Cardiff eating places to try

The cool people at Eat Out Vegan Wales have come up with a vegan guide to Cardiff and given permission for us to make the information available. Their site is excellent, and has always been included in the CIN Delicious links, Eating Out category. Make it your first port of call when travelling! Guide text reproduced below - although aimed at vegans it is automatically useful to vegetarians too.


Cardiff is a pretty good place for vegans. Here is a quick guide to the best places to get food in and near the town centre. The opening times stated are for Saturdays. Further details on the places listed and many others can be found on our site.

  • Hungry Planet 142 Clifton Street, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 1LY Tel: 029 20440504 Open 9am-5.30pm
    Vegan café and health food shop run by a co-operative. Meals, soups, salads, sandwiches, toasties, cakes and drinks served. Sell homemade bread too. Brilliant and totally vegan. Situated on Clifton Street about 10/15 minutes walk from town centre.
  • Pulse Wholefoods 171 Kings Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff, CF11 9DE Tel: 029 20225873 Open 10am-5.30pm
    Another vegan café. They serve pies, pasties, sandwiches, cakes etc. They also sell wholefoods and again are great. About 20/30 minutes from town.
  • Crumbs Salad Restaurant 33 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF Tel: 029 20395007 Open 10am-4pm
    Old school veggie café with vegan dishes in the town centre.
  • Café Atma 40 Crwys Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4NN Tel: 029 20390391/07967 636485 Open 9am-7pm
    Hare Krishna vegetarian café. Vegan options are labelled and include veggie burger with homemade potato wedges and a variety of Indian style dishes. Also vegan cheesecakes. Cathays is the area of Cardiff by the University, close to the town centre.
  • Embassy Café @Cathays Community Centre, 36 Cathays Terrace, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4HX Open 10am-4pm
    Another good veggie café in Cathays with vegan options and usually cake.
  • Milgi 213 City Road, Roath, Cardiff CF24 3JD Tel: 029 20473150 Open 11am-9.30pm
    Café bar in Roath. It’s customers voted for it to go exclusively veggie and they serve some vegan options.

  • The Falafel Bar 38 Woodville Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4EB Tel: 029 20233181 Open noon-6pm
    Veggie falafel bar in Cathays serving very nice homemade falafel, hummus and pitta bread.
  • Vegetarian Food Studio 109 Penarth Road, Grangetown, Cardiff, CF11 6JT Tel: 029 20238222 Open 11am-10pm
    VFS is a vegetarian Indian that does not use eggs with masses of labelled vegan dishes including some which use tofu instead of paneer and vegan lassis. You will need to book if you want a table in the evening, as it is deservedly very popular. About 5/10 minutes from the Central Station. [Editors' Note: This is popular with CIN members!]
  • Madhav 53-59 Lower Cathedral Road, Riverside, Cardiff, CF11 6LW Tel: 029 20372947 Open 10am-7pm
    Another vegetarian Indian restaurant & takeaway serving vegan food. It is about 5/10 minutes from the Millennium Stadium.
  • Mango House Grand Hotel, Westgate Street, Cardiff CF10 1DD Tel: 029 20232266 Open 6pm-midnight
    Central upmarket Indian restaurant that understands veganism and has a number of nice vegan options.

  • Golden House 4 Upper Clifton Street, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 1LR Tel: 029 20498733 Open 5.30pm-midnight
    Chinese takeaway with a wide range of vegan dishes including many made with good meat substitutes (not the cheap tinned stuff). Near to Hungry Planet.
  • Wagamama St Davids 2, Mill Lane, Cardiff CF10 1EX Tel: 029 20641564 Open noon-10pm
    One of the nationwide chain. They will give you a vegan menu when you order but personally we prefer the other two listed noodle places. There is another one down the Bay. Under Cardiff library.
  • Wok to Walk 90 St Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DW Tel: 029 20388405 Open noon-4am
    Central noodle bar. Many vegan sauces. Ask for your food to be cooked without egg, which they do in front of you.
  • Noodle Box 62 Salisbury Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4AD Tel: 029 20251007 Open noon-10.30pm
    Noodle bar in Cathays. Most of the veggie options are suitable for vegans.
  • La Vita 25 Castle Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BT Tel: 029 20373433 Open 9am-10.30pm
    Pizzeria opposite the Castle. They serve pizzas topped with vegan cheese. Sometimes they have none in however.
  • Café Citta 4 Church Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BG Tel: 029 20224040 Open 10am-9pm
    Pizzeria in the city centre. Pizza bases are vegan and one comes without cheese anyway. Explain you are vegan. There are also pasta dishes that can be prepared vegan.
  • Frankies 6 Mackintosh Place, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 4RQ Tel: 029 20454234
    Pizza takeaway in Roath. Vegan bases and they will cook them with vegan cheese if you take it in. Only £5 for a nice pizza before 6pm.
  • The New York Deli 19 High Street Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1QR Tel: 029 20388388 Open 9.15am-5pm
    A labelled vegan burger is served here. It comes in a bagel. Sophisticated or what?
  • AJ’s Coffee House 20 City Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3DL Tel: 029 20451588 Open 8am-8pm
    Reasonably priced veggie burger and curly fries served. They also have soya milk. Found at the bottom end of City Road, which is only 5/10 minutes from town.
  • Flavour 34 High Street, Cardiff, CF10 1PU Tel: 029 20388551 Open 9am-6pm
    Baguette shop in the centre serving a labelled vegan baguette and with other suitable fillings such as Redwood Cheatin’ chicken & ham and Linda McCartney sausages. Also stock soya milk. The owner is very clued up on veganism but sometimes the other staff are not.
  • Canteen on Clifton Street 40 Clifton Street, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 1LR Tel: 029 20454499 Open 7pm-10pm
    Not a veggie restaurant but only one non-vegetarian option per course. Always have a labelled vegan option for each course. Very nice food and not that expensive. Excellent vegan desserts including meringues sometimes. Pre-booking totally essential. On the same street as Hungry Planet.
  • the plan café bar 28-29 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF Tel: 029 20398764 Open 8.30am-5pm
    Café in the centre with labelled vegan dishes.
  • Thé Pot 138 Crwys Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4NR Tel:029 20251246 Open 10am-5pm
    Café in Cathays with vegan food, drinks and sometimes cake.
  • Waterloo Gardens Teahouse 5 Waterloo Gardens, Penylan, Cardiff CF23 5AA Tel: 029 20456073 Open 8am-6pm
    A bit further out of the centre in Penylan they can provide vegan food including a choice of cakes and soya drinks.
  • Chapter Bar and Café Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff CF5 1QE Tel: 029 20311050 Open 8.30am-9pm
    Again a bit further out in Canton this café and bar at an arts centre has labelled vegan food options.
General Note: As regards soya milk drinks if you are unlucky enough to find a coffee shop in Central Cardiff that does not serve them, I would leave and you should find one that does within a minute’s walk normally.

  • Simply Shakes Level 1, Queens Arcade, Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 2BY Open 9am-5pm
    This place can provide a number of flavours of milkshakes made with soya milk and Swedish Glace ice cream.
  • Rummer Tavern 14 Duke Street, Cardiff, CF10 1AY Tel: 029 20649871 Open 11.30am-9pm
    Central pub. The vegetarian chilli and curry can both be served vegan.
  • Zero Degrees 27 Westgate Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DD Tel: 029 20229494 Open noon-11.30pm
    Bar & Micro-brewery in the town centre. There are items on the Italian style menu that can be prepared vegan if you ask. In addition all the beers they brew are vegan as they are fined with fossilised kelp.
  • JD Wetherspoon pubs & Lloyds No. 1 Bars
    The menu at these pubs has a labelled vegan curry and they serve other vegan food. There are 8 in Cardiff including 5 in the centre and 1 very close on City Road (Yes, it does seem a lot for a city this size).
  • Beanfreaks 3 St Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1AT Tel: 029 20251678 Open 8.30am-6pm
    Independent health food shop in the centre. They stock labelled vegan takeaway options such as pasties, sausage rolls etc in the fridge.
  • Holland & Barrett 6-8 St Davids Way, St Davids Centre, Cardiff, CF10 2DP Tel: 029 20342172
    This Central Cardiff branch of the nationwide chain stocks plenty of their labelled vegan pasty and sausage roll range. They have another branch on Albany Road in Roath.
  • We would not recommend any chip shops in Cardiff due to cross contamination issues. This is not particular to Cardiff; hardly any traditional chip shops can provide vegan food.

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