Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Victory for badgers!

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Covered by the BBC.

Comment from the Badger Trust:

"Victory for badgers on all counts as Court of Appeal declares proposed Welsh badger cull unlawful.

Campaigners were celebrating today as the Court of Appeal handed down judgment finding the proposed Welsh badger cull to be unlawful on all three grounds they raised on appeal.

The Court of Appeal ruled that the Welsh Ministers had unlawfully failed to carry out a balancing exercise to weigh up the harm involved (i.e. killing over 2,000 badgers) against the potential benefit (which the Minister’s own model predicted to be a reduction in the rate of cattle herd breakdowns of just 0.3% of farms annually).

The court emphasised the fact that Parliament deliberately drafted the Act so that wildlife could not be killed without robust scientific evidence. As Lady Justice Smith said: ‘Hunch and anecdote would obviously not be sufficient; nor would impermissible extrapolation [from the scientific evidence].’”

The massive body of rigorously peer-reviewed literature shows that killing badgers can play no meaningful part in the eradication of bovine TB and that robust cattle measures are sufficient, as demonstrated by the fact that the rate of increase in new TB outbreaks is already starting to slow. We also hope that the Minister will now adopt a strategy of vaccination as a cost-effective, viable alternative."

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