Monday, 31 May 2010

Some badger updates

As well as the updates below, have a look at some of our Delicious links about badgers.

Updates from Pembrokeshire Against the Cull [Thu, 27 May 2010]

[This relates to what CIN covered here]

"The events of last week, when masked contractors arrived with large numbers of police to carry out sett surveys, exposed the ongoing unreasonable treatment of landowners by the Welsh Assembly Government. The story was run in the Daily Mail, as well as by Welsh media. This week's Western Telegraph and Tivyside Advertiser have front page features, and many letters from shocked and concerned local people. In the days following these extraordinary events many landowners received letters from the TB Team informing them that imminent sett surveys on their land had been cancelled. But no information was provided about future arrangements so they are now in limbo, unsure what might happen next and when. At least questions have now been raised in the Assembly about the treatment of landowners and the lack of advance notice provided to them. For several months landowners have been reporting to PAC that contractors have just appeared with no prior warning given to them, or arrived at times when the landowners have specifically requested them not to, and of contractors found wandering around on their land who, when challenged, claimed to be lost (sometimes more than once on the very same land and the very same contractors). CLICK HERE for a report on Peter Black's blogspot on recent Assembly questions and answers. WAG's claims of intimidation of contractors by landowners does not bear scrutiny. On that Tuesday morning they chose to arrive without warning, already equipped with police and masks, at a farm where they had been asked in advance not to come at that particular time when an elderly disabled man would be there entirely on his own. He was apparently visibly shaking when his son arrived. We also heard that two elderly women, one in her 70s and the other in her late 90s, received a similar visit from police and masked men and were absolutely terrified.
It has not been easy to make sure people are aware of what is going on here in North Pembrokeshire. CLICK HERE for a link to footage taken at Brithdir Mawr - watch it quickly as previous film was taken off YouTube within hours. CLICK HERE for a link to the recent S4C programme about the cull 'Y Byd ar Bedwar'. Click the small owl to see the English subtitles. PAC has received many messages of support from local residents and people from further afield who are horrified by what they have read and seen and have asked us what they can do. The most immediate thing everyone here in Wales can do is to contact your Assembly Member and MP and let them know what you think of this behaviour by public servants and at taxpayers' expense. Ask them NOW to question again the basis on which this cull was proposed and the way in which it is being implemented. And if you are a landowner in the cull area, sign up to the Open Letter to the Welsh Assembly Government - email us to request a copy. PAC is continuing to raise questions and issues with WAG and other organisations.

In another blunder by a WAG official, the serial numbers of all the identity cards used by Thomsons, the WAG surveyors, to gain access to private land have been made public. This means anyone could make an identity card that would be verified as genuine by the WAG helpline. PAC has advised Elin Jones. Until she replies and takes action to protect landowners we suggest calling the police if anyone claiming to be a WAG contractor comes to your land."

Updates from Aberystwyth against the Badger Cull [Mon, 31 May 2010]
"Firstly many thanks to all who came to our Public Meeting in April and helped to make it such a success. I attach a recent report from the Cambrian News - also reported by several online groups. It also proved valuable for making contacts and linking up individuals/groups/organisations fighting the cull.

Meanwhile Aberystwyth Against the Badger Cull will be going ahead with a ceremony in front of the WAG building in Aberystwyth on Thursday June 17th (details to be finalised). We will be laying a wreath and flowers and unfurling a banner - hopefully for good media coverage. It is important that we demonstrate that - far from giving up - outrage against the cull is spreading and growing. One of the main ways we can fight the threat of culls in England as well is by showing the level of public opposition involved.

We will be having our next meeting on 7th June at 6:30pm in the Arts Centre Cafe at Aberystwyth University to finalise plans, review recent events and discuss further action. Everyone welcome. If you can't make the meeting but have any ideas/suggestions/offers of help, please email.
We have now discovered that the firm doing the survey work on setts in the cull area, prior to trapping and shooting the badgers, is
Thomson Ecology
Head Office
Compass House
60 Priestley Road
Surrey GU2 7YU
Please send them a (polite) email/letter expressing your feelings about their willingness to help with the slaughter of badgers.
Further links and information about this firm from here.
We are also asking people to email and/or write to;
Tourism Dept.,
Pembrokeshire County Council,
County Hall,
SA61 1TP
(and ask for an answer to your specific points)
and to Carwyn Jones (as WAG First Minister)
Carwyn Jones AM,
36 Caroline St,
CF31 1DQ
(Again, ask for a specific answer and not a form letter)"

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