Sunday, 1 November 2009

White Poppy Ceremony - 7th November

This year's White Poppy Wreath laying ceremony in Aberystwyth has been confirmed by the Town Council and will take place at 12 noon on 7th November at the War Memorial in the Castle grounds.

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Council said...

As we are sure that you have heard, Aberystwyth Town Council places a wreath of white poppies on the town cenotaph in memoriam of those who died in conflict who were non combatants as well as a wreath of red poppies in memory of ex service personnel who perished.

We would like everyone to understand that the white poppy wreath is not a pacifist stance, but purely a tribute to those innocents who lost their lives.

The Town Council is fully supportive of the Royal British Legion and it’s admirable fundraising efforts for ex servicemen and Women and makes substantial contributions to the charity every year.