Thursday, 8 October 2009

Scallop Dredging Banned - yay!

Article from the Cambrian News, Thu 1st October 09, p11 - click to enlarge

Scallop dredging could just as easily be called sea-floor scraping - because that is what it is. Indiscriminate damage to the seafloor and the life that lives there, it is about time that this destructive and unnecessary practice was banned. The issue has been covered in detail by Save Our Sea, who have campaigned hard on this issue along with other environmental groups. It is great to see common sense prevailing.

What are the environmental alternatives to seafood? How about gorgeous cruelty-free (i.e. animal-free and vegan) 'fish' steaks; 'scampi'; 'fish style' fingers; and Thai-style 'fish cakes'? All manufactured by that great UK company, Redwood Foods - with no seabed dredging at all, so they can be eaten with a clear conscience! Thanks Redwood!

A video showing how harmful indiscriminate scraping is

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