Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Climate Justice Fast

Climate Justice Fast is an international hunger strike to call for strong, just action on the climate crisis. It takes place from the 6th of November 2009, to coincide with the UN climate talks in Barcelona, until at least the end of Copenhagen climate conference, on the 19th of December (where world leaders will be effectively tasked with deciding the fate of our planet at the UNFCCC COP15).

Fasts are currently being planned in the US, the UK, India, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Honduras, Bhutan, New Zealand, The Philippines and inside the Copenhagen conference itself, with over 70 activists from 11 different countries already involved.

See Climate Justice Fast's website for more information.

The group are offering the strongest form of moral protest against climate inaction, and standing up for true climate justice. They call on both the global public and their political representatives to fulfil their moral responsibility to undertake every action possible to halt and reverse climate change, and to protect the world’s most vulnerable people from its effects.

The participants of CJF want to show that climate change is not just another issue, but is an unprecedented emergency, which calls for unprecedented action.

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