Saturday, 7 November 2009

Humans and other animals

We often hear 'humans' and 'animals' referred to as if they are separate things. However humans are a species of mammal: therefore we are animals in the same way that dogs, porpoises and rats are. However, few people stop to think about this kinship, or what our relationship really is, or should be. Sadly, in many cases, the relationship is to the detriment of other species, as these rare photographs of now extinct animals show.

How about the animals we like though? There is a lot of hypocrisy in these relationships. See the thought-provoking article below (click to enlarge) - if you care about dogs and cats, it doesn't make sense to support companies that torture them. The article by PETA includes information about alternative food companies that aren't involved with cruelty.

And the ways we treat different species of animals can in many cases define arbitrary discrimination. See this PETA campaign which highlights the hypocrisy of how we treat pigs and dogs, and watch the video below. There is plenty to think about here!

Find out why pigs go "Woof!" at peta2!

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