Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Deadline for responses to Tesco planning application in Machynlleth

If the planning application for the large Tesco in Machynlleth is approved it could signal the end for many of the small, independent shops that make the place so interesting to visit, and which keep the money from trade within the local economy. Small is beautiful!

Responses to Powys must be received by the end of this week, Friday 31 July, so if you are going to object to the application please do so ASAP. Because the deadline is so close you should send objections by email to planning.services@powys.gov.uk; sample letters and background material can be seen on the 'Keep Mach Special' website. Their site includes some links to sources of information about the importance of small independent shops and market towns.

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mar_tony said...

Big mistake when a big supermarket like Tesco take all other shops has to close, remenber when the Spar ope and Coop they said no Newspapers and the corner shop close and Alfs they dont sell as much because de Holidays people they by in supermarkets if Tescos opens the same problems arise to them aswell Rafael former from Furnace