Friday, 22 May 2009

Welcome to the eyesore

Ysgol Cwmpadarn's new eyesore

Yep, this was a flowery bank before the school dug it up

It doesn't look good from any angle

Some updated pictures above, showing what a mess the lane looks like after Ysgol Cwmpadarn had paid builders to dig up a green site to encourage more cars up the lane.

The whole car park situation has been a fiasco. A letter from the Estyn inspectors (dated 30 Oct 08) says: "there are no references within [the Estyn inspector's] report of offering any form of solution to the parking issue". Therefore they did not recommend a car park to the school. So when the school Governor, Ben Davies, justified the car park to the Cambrian News as being a response to an Estyn inspection report one has to question his accuracy.

The same letter also stated that "how inspectors' recommendations are actioned is a matter for schools' governing bodies, and where applicable, the local education authority, as it is in this case" - so the responsibility for this decision and the consequent danger to pedestrians in encouraging cars to drive to the top of the lane was squarely the responsibility of the school and the LEA.

This car park has increased traffic as predicted, based on counts from some Llanbadarn Fawr residents. In the current economic climate it can only be seen as an irresponsible waste of public money, an attempt to come up with a doomed-to-failure 'quick fix'.

Ysgol Cwmpadarn, April 09 - as can be seen, just as many parents as ever drive into the school grounds to drop off their children. A car park has done nothing to curb this irresponsible behaviour.

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