Saturday, 18 April 2009

Eureopean ban on seal imports

The annual Canadian seal hunt is a barbaric practice that is sustained only by demand for seal products. Thousands of seals, pups and mothers are horrifically clubbed to death for a product nobody needs.

There is a desparate need for a European ban on seal imports in order to send a clear message to Canada that the hideous and barbaric clubbing to death of seals is totally out of step with public opinion, as wel as being totally unnecessary. The ideal of a total full ban on imports of all seal products in Europe has yet to be achieved, even though the USA has had such a ban since 1972. It's about time Europe did the same.

For more information about the disgraceful seal culling that is going on right now in Canada see the Respect for Animals site.

There is some political support for this campaign, we just need to keep up the pressure e.g. getting MPs to sign EDM 478 on seeking a ban on all seal products.

What Ceredigion Politicans Say:

Jill Evans, Plaid Cymru MEP (Wales), said in an email dated 14 April 2009:
"I fully believe that the import of products from commercial seal hunting should be banned. If we can bring about an end to the European market in seal products then we can help end what is a cruel and unnecessary practice.

Some European countries have already banned imports, but we need a Europe wide ban in order to help bring an end to this cruel practice. It is not only a question of animal cruelty but of the very survival of seals in large numbers over the longer term.

I was one of a group of MEP's who pushed for European legislation to outlaw seal products imports. This legislation will be voted on in the April plenary session in Strasbourg. The European Parliament's Internal Market Committee has already voted in favour of a ban on the trade in seal products, against the opinion of the member responsible for the report, UK MEP Diana Wallis. I welcome this decision and will be campaigning to ensure that this opinion is not watered down, and that a trade and import ban is rapidly implemented."

Mark Williams, LibDem MP
, said in an email dated 16 April 2009:
"I fully agree, and will happily sign this EDM, although I will not be able to until next week due to the Parliamentary recess."

Jonathan Evans, Conservative MEP (Wales)
, said in an email dated 15 April 2009:
"Thank you for your letter concerning the import of seal products.

Please find below a link to my website where you will find an article written by me in 2008 outlining my view on barbaric seal hunting."

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