Sunday, 12 April 2009

Climate change - campaigning can be a celebration!

Some recent videos of major events below.

Video clip of lights going out all over the world. There are also pictures and news.

"WWF's Earth Hour 2009 kicked off at 8.30pm on Saturday 28 March in the Pacific islands and New Zealand, and took the world by storm as it travelled east to west. We compiled some of the many highlights from around the world as they happened..."

The Calm Before The Storm - With the world watching Climate Camp 2009 from Felix Gonzales on Vimeo.

In March 2009 people from the UK were joined by nations who had all travelled to attend London’s Climate Camp 2009 to show support and share their concerns. From the video's author:
"I was taken by people’s genuine kindness, demonstrated in the personal efforts of individuals placing themselves first, each in their own, personal way, contributing, sharing and peacefully demonstrating their concerns for the world to see. With the whole world watching, these beautiful efforts were quashed by the attendance of riot police, effectively barricading a global display of peaceful protest."

Do you want to get involved with something? Transition Town Aberystwyth are looking for help organising their event on Saturday 11th July, Plas Crug Avenue, Aberystwyth. It will focus on entertainment, with a totally renewables-powered cafe, bar, cinema, stage and workshop space, as well as having stands and speakers to discuss how we can provide more of our own food and energy.

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