Friday, 3 April 2009

Cadw Calon Aberystwyth

Tonight a CIN member attended the Cadw Calon Aberystwyth meeting at MG's on Chalybeate Street in Aberystwyth. It was packed! The group is campaigning for sensitive development, not the destruction of the heart of Aberystwyth with Compulsory Purchase Orders evicting people from homes and livelihoods. We covered this issue recently, and were featured in the Western Mail (p14, Mon 23 March 09 - you can read the online version here or see the image below). Obviously CIN fully support the group.

It was good to see so many different groups of people coming together with a united vision, pooling ideas and sharing responsibilities. That grassroots model can be really effective for many campaigning issues, so let's hope it is successful here. When you are campaigning against decisions and plans by powerful groups such as Welsh Assembly Government, Ceredigion County Council and land developers it takes this kind of united front to succeed.

The group's next meeting is on Friday 17th April in MG's, and they have a blog at

9 April 2009: Coverage from the Cambrian News below.

CN, Thu 9 Apr 09, p3

CN, Thu 9 Apr 09, p3


Sylvester said...

I have read the article by Martin Shipton, in the Western Mail.

I found it so predictable that the developer said what they said about how this proposed development will create employment and bring money into the town. I also do not beleive it!.
I too have heard how big chain stores take money out of town centres.

It is very important that people reading this comment write to all our county councillors ASAP, to express their displeasure at the plans and expressing the need for a new public consultation.

You can check out Alun Williams' blog for more info.

blogger said... is Alun's blog details, for anyone following the comments.