Sunday, 1 March 2009

Llety Parc plans to build on green fields

Image from the Cambrian News, Thu 22 Jan 09

As the article above shows, Llety Parc in aberystwyth has been given approval to expand and build on 2.31 ha of recreational green land - around the same time that the National Assembly published guidance on protecting recreational land. As usual (and has been shown in other articles on this site) central Governments talk the talk, and Councils ignore it and allow developments anyway.

Llety Parc would build an extension to the hotel and a hundred space car park, which would destroy a community area (application A080361).

Neither Llanbadarn Fawr Community Council nor Ceredigion County Council objected to this development.

Llanbadarn Fawr Community Council considered the full planning application on 12th May 2008. Following discussion the Council made the observation that "The development should be in keeping with the existing surrounding development" - which hardly sounds like strong opposition to the plan.

As for the County Council, John Evans the Principle Planner wrote in an email of 28 Jan 2009
"the Development Control Committee of the 14th January was to cautiously welcome the proposed development whilst recognising that there were significant economic, social and environmental issues to consider. The Committee ... gave an indication that they accepted the development in principle."
What's wrong with the expansion plan?

How about the potential increase in traffic, the potential increase of localised flooding, and the loss of green field site and recreational land?

The expansion deprives the local community of a valuable greenfield site, of important recreational land, and an important open 'breathing' space in an increasingly built-up urbanised development stretching all the way into the centre of Aberystwyth. It also increases the risk of flooding of local properties: when green fields are covered in concrete, flood water or rain water has nowhere to go apart from onto other land, and thus into local properties. With the County Council and Assembly buildings also being built on the floodplain this is a very real concern for local residents. Have councillors learnt nothing from developments on greenfield sites (the water runoff from Cefn Llan estate - see below).

Image from the Cambrian News, Thu 4 Dec 08, p6

Furthermore, many Community and County Councillors have campaigned about the increase in traffic in the Llanbadarn area. Yet Councillors did not reject this planning application on the grounds of increased traffic, thereby tacitly allowing developments that would increase traffic, add 100 cars, and turn an unattractive industrial-type area (car parks, McDonalds) into a worse one.

The planning application will destroy 2.31 ha of recreation land, that has been identified as recreational land in the Unitary Development Plan.

Our councils should be protecting our green environment, not letting it be destroyed for unnecessary expansion.

It is a shame that many local residents were not aware of this planning application, since many would have otherwise objected.

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