Saturday, 21 March 2009

Lammas Planning Appeal

There is a low-impact living project in Pembrokeshire which needs help, please see the e-mail below. You can help out by filling in the simple online petition.

From: simon
Sent: 18 March 2009 18:37
Subject: Low Impact Building - Lammas Planning Appeal, please help

Another email that's been a long time coming. Remember the hobbit house website? Well it's been three years and some now that I, with others, have been trying to organise the mother of all low impact building projects - a nine family ecovillage project called Lammas. Pembrokesthire (SW Wales) introduced a far-sighted planning policy allowing low impact building and living tied to working the land for a simple livelihood. Although, in a moment of oversight, the people at the top passed the policy, and inadvertently became one of the most ecologically progressive provinces in the western world. They have since realised that the last thing they wanted is radical effective solutions to the problems of climate change and economic collapse. Instead they are using all methods available to stop anyone trying to use the policy until it can be removed from their development plan to be replaced by proposals to increase the scale of the counties LPG terminals and power stations. Clearly profits come along way before a sustainable future.

So we have experienced three years of council corruption and maltreament and our case is finally coming before the Welsh assembly. The relatively recently formed assembly seem to have a distinctly wider vision and are currently calling for all local authorities to take on the sort of low impact policy that pembrokeshire is trying to quietly remove. We are hoping that they will use this opportunity to give us a swift appeal and set a clear precident for projects like this to go ahead.

I'd like to ask you to help us by sending an email, supporting our appeal (ref: 2096728) to the Welsh planning inspectorate by completing the online email form.

Many many thanks and please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.


Click here to read more about the project and see our complete planning application.
To find out how projects like these can help sort out this mess we've got ourselves into see here.

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