Sunday, 16 November 2008

Ceredigion County Council plans to encourage traffic

There was a piece in the Cambrian News this week on the counting of traffic coming into Aberystwyth (Cambrian News, 12 November). It is a shame the County Council won't run the same exercise on a school holiday when there is considerably less traffic. Then they would see that if it is school-run related, an unenvironmental bypass is not going to make a difference.

The final line of the article says: "The study is also relevant to any future Llanbadarn Fawr by-pass, reducing daily traffic congestion at Llanbadarn Fawr’s mini-roundabouts, and a feeder lane for traffic heading south from Llanbadarn Fawr." However the study is not relevant as a by-pass is not the most sustainable long term solution for Llanbadarn or Aberystwyth. The inevitable rise in oil prices, the recession and the impact of climate change mean that only through serious investment in reliable, cheap, plentiful alternatives to cars and the school run, will the traffic 'problem' be solved.

Ceredigion needs lots of public buses, it needs hourly train service, it needs lots of cycle paths that are for commuters and link villages to the main centres of employment, it needs real investment into changing the school run from cars to feet/bikes/buses etc. It needs an approach that thinks of the future, not plans around the car.

More roads and more cars does not lead to the end of the traffic 'problem' it just moves it to another place, which is neither sensible or sustainable. Our old site includes lots of background information on this silly and deluded idea of a magic cure-all bypass.

03 Jan 2009: There was some good news in the Cambrian News, Thu 18 Dec 08, p11 - a piece on the bypass being put on hold again. It stated that the Welsh Assembly Government trunk road priority programme "has again put a possible Llanbadarn bypass on hold. That means there will be no progress before 2014 at the earliest." And hopefully never!

One commentator said "it is not totally unexpected. Many of the older residents in Llanbadarn will confirm that the Llanbadarn bypass ha been talked about for over 50 years" - the fact that the idea has not been acted on after 50 years is evidence for what a daft idea and waste of money a bypass would be.

One claim made by the bypass-supporters is that a bypass would allow detrunking of the A487 that goes through Aberystwyth town centre. However the article points out that the detrunking could go aheead anyway, and is not dependent on a ridiculous bypass, and therefore demolishes those claims.

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