Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bursaries for veganic gardeners in Wales

Anyone considering a career in vegan organic gardening should take a look at the Vegan Organic Network who can offer bursaries to assist students in appropriate cases with the Organic Horticulture courses at the Welsh College of Horticulture, Mold, North Wales.

The college has a 10 acre stockfree farm. For information on the course click here and contact contact Rob Mackey at the college - 01352 841000.

For those interested in a sustainable way forward for agriculture, vegan organic is the way forward. There are even now new Stockfree Organic Standards, approved by the Soil Association and run by VON. Ask your local fruit and vegetable supplier if they can grow using these Standards. Totally free from animal products, it's the way forward for a greener future.

Perhaps the most well known and successful Stockfree Organic grower in the UK is Ian Tolhurst.

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