Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Seagulls in coastal towns

If you live in a coastal town (e.g. Aberystwyth) then you will occasionally hear grumblings about seagulls, and suggestions to kill them, or sterilise their eggs (both expensive and temporary options), so that they don't come into town. Or if you don't hear the whinging, you will read it in the Cambrian News.

Ignoring the fact that if you don't like seagulls it seems strange that you would choose to live in a seaside town, there is a simple solution. If the council said that all rubbish in the town had to be placed in proper dustbins, rather than just left out in black bags, then the seagulls (and other animals) wouldn't be able to get to all the wasted food that people put out in flimsy black bags. It might also encourage people to be less wasteful if they have to fit rubbish into a dustbin.

Refusing permission for junk-food takeaway shops like KFC might also help, but is perhaps too radical a solution for Aberystwyth.

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