Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Planning Disaster site

'Planning Disaster' is the website of a campaign against the government's plans to remove community voices from the planning process.
"Major new developments including nuclear power stations and airport runways could soon be forced through as part of a major overhaul of planning.

The proposals, included in a Government White Paper will leave affected communities with no meaningful say in how their area is developed. A coalition of civic and environmental organisations with over 5 million members is calling on the Government to rethink their plans and introduce a planning system which allows people a say on the decisions that affect them."
Many organisations are involved with the campaign: Ramblers Association; Campaign to Protect Rural Wales; Transport 2000; The Wildlife Trusts; The Woodland Trust and many others.

The site includes the ability to send an email to your MP about this issue - easy to do, so add your voice today! Experience shows that it is better to prevent stupid plans like this early on, rather than to try and overturn them later.

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