Thursday, 25 June 2015

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cycling In Ceredigion

It's important to have clear and unambiguous signage on roads, cycle routes, and pavements, so that it is obvious who can go where. Let's go for a ride.

Mmm. This is strange. Three lanes. One has a cycle symbol.
Are the other two for pedestrians?
And why do they just end at nothing?

A bicycle. I can cycle here.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Food Impact

Let's have another post about food - we eat meals a number of times a day, so changes here can have a real impact on our health and the environment.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Fracking And Bridgend

Today we have a guest post from David Elston, Pirate Party Spokesperson for Wales and Bridgend election candidate. It focusses on a local environmental issue at Bridgend but the perspective applies to many areas of Wales and the UK - fossil fuel companies, supported by the Government, want to frack everywhere that would make them a profit.

I was the first candidate  to sign the Frack-Free promise with Greenpeace and took it upon myself to push the incumbent politicians on their stance on fracking. Ian Spiller, an ex-Conservative, now Independent local councillor responded to my question:

“What is the current situation and your stance regarding fracking in Merthyr Mawr and Ogmore?”

Mr Spiller's reply:

“I don't know enough about fracking so I am staying out of it.”

If only he was in some kind of elected position where it was his duty to know something about it and be involved!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Primary Rainforest Cleared For Massive Palm Oil Plantations In Peru

"More than 9,400 hectares of closed-canopy Amazonian rainforest has been removed for two oil palm plantations in the Peruvian region of Ucayali since 2011, according to scientists working for MAAP, the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project." Read more here.

Also see our previous article about palm oil. There isn't enough coverage of this issue (certainly none from the main political parties) yet our society uses increasing amounts of palm oil. The obvious answer is: stop buying so much processed food. Or at least avoid anything with palm oil or "vegetable oil" (unless it gives the type, and it definitely isn't palm oil). Cut back on margarine, maybe use olive oil instead. Write to companies which use palm oil and complain - tell them you have stopped buying those products.

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Time to email our MEP in the European Parliament! Next week there's a key vote on the dodgy TTIP trade deal, including a vote on whether big corporations should be given the power to sue our government. Only five UK representatives will be there, but our MEPs can have a big influence on their votes.

If the vote goes the way the giant corporations want, big business will get even more power to call the shots with our government.

It looks like the vote could go either way. Please can you send a quick email asking your MEP to campaign against corporations suing the government? It'll only take two minutes.