Monday, 23 November 2015

Protect Cardigan Bay

"Welsh government plans to reopen Cardigan Bay to destructive dredging suggest it’s an even worse defender of our key conservation areas than Westminster – and that’s quite a feat" George Monbiot
The Welsh Government are currently consulting on proposals to open up Cardigan Bay to Scallop dredging. This is a highly damaging method of fishing which destroys the seabed. Much of Cardigan Bay is supposedly protected as 'Special Areas of Conservation' yet the seabed in these areas is under threat and the species that rely on a productive ecosystem, such as bottlenose dolphin and porpoise, are also under threat. Please sign the petition against this proposal, and find out more in this Guardian article.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Take Action To Stop EU Subsidies For Bullfighting

Next week (on Wednesday 28th October), the European Union will vote on budgets for 2016. Each year the European Union provides an estimated £100 million through Common Agriculture Policy payments to farmers who breed bulls for bullfights.

Yes, your tax is helping to support this barbaric industry, with £13.5 million coming from the UK alone.

Next Wednesday, your MEP will have an opportunity to support and vote for an amendment to prohibit the use of European funds to support farmers who breed bulls for bullfights. Last year, a similar amendment fell just short of an overall majority, but the tide is turning against bullfighting. 76% of Spanish people are opposed to public subsidies for bullfighting, and only 29% support bullfighting at all.

Friday, 23 October 2015

More Flowers

Thanks to the Greener Aberystwyth Group for pointing out the extra flower planting that is planned by Aberystwyth University:

"Good news for insects. Following successful plantings last autumn and this spring Aber Uni is planning more areas of meadow mix (native wildflower/polinator friendly) flowers. Thank you AU"

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Rare Pine Martens Relocated To Mid Wales

"Pine martens are being relocated from areas of the Scottish Highlands to Powys and Ceredigion in a bid to save them from extinction in Wales.
The first of 20 have been released into the wild by the Vincent Wildlife Trust and 20 more will follow in autumn 2016.
The mammal is so rare in Wales, conservationists are unable to give population estimates."
Read more on the BBC.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Ethical Impact Calculators

By using this quick website people can calculate how much Co2, forest, grain and water they have saved (or would save) by being vegan/cutting animal products out of their diet, and how many animals lives would be saved.

The calculator is based on the facts from the Cowspiracy film facts page. The film "uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organisations are too afraid to talk about it."

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Trees In Conservation Areas

Greener Aberystwyth Group (GAG) have just put up a scan of a Ceredigion Council leaflet about trees in conservation areas - lots of useful info in the leaflet which is in Welsh and English. GAG are a worthwhile group to follow, via either their website or Facebook.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Where Does All The Money Go? A Mini Rant

We're used to seeing public money get wasted in Ceredigion. Pointless alterations to train stations; digging up green areas when there are already enough paths; scrabbling for ideas to spend money; and Ceredigion County Council spending money to enable supermarkets to come to the county and suck money out of the region (in opposition to local independent shops which would keep it in the county and make it a more interesting place to live and visit, rather than becoming the same as everywhere else).

Ah. All that money spent on the train station. And the 
one thing customers are often desperate for - the toilet - 
continues to be closed whenever you need it.

We won't even go into all the money the council wasted on its Unitary Development Plan (UDP)/Local Development Plan (LDP) debacle. These documents are still used by the Council as justifications for granting planning permission to developers (often to build on greenfield sites), as if the things the Council put in these documents many years ago (and well out-of-date now) can be used later on to justify developments. Many people spent days responding to the awful UDP, only to find that the Council then dropped it anyway when the UDP was thrown out by the Welsh Government as being no good.